Our beautifully-designed themes come with ready-to-use projects, so to help you start your own project easily. Every theme is just a starting point - you can style it to look any way you want it.

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Planar gallery layout adapts to the size of the images in your visual portfolio and to screen widths, making it perfect for artists, creative professionals and photographers who need a dynamic way to showcase everything.


Full page slideshow with social media buttons and an unusual menu at the bottom for the page, Phaedra is perfect for image makers and photographers who need an impressive way to display their work.


One of our most popular themes, Estiasis gallery layout adapts to the screen widths and displays thumbnails that can be enlarged or linked to a separate page, being a great theme for creative professionals.


Make your blog soar on Grid, a grid-style theme that gives your readers a streamlined yet immersive browsing experience on a clean and balanced layout with unique blog features, perfect for bloggers and writers.


Origin is popular with photographers and artists that value simple yet elegant design to showcase their work. A classic design with the sidebar on the left, origin also makes for an intuitive use of RapidWeaver blog.


One of our most popular themes, Photographos display images in full page and includes an automated carousel of thumbnails at the bottom, being a great theme for photographers and image makers.


One of the most unusual and impressive image themes available, Photographos IV displays images in full page format with the carousel of thumbnails at the right and a sliding panel on the left.


Following a minimal design approach, Photographos VI displays images in full page, perfect for photographers and creatives looking for an impressive theme to showcase their work.


One of the most innovative themes available for creatives, Photographos VII displays images in full page format with various panels sliding in and out, creating an impressive way to showcase a portfolio.


Parallaxis is an one-page-design theme with smooth parallax effects build-in, being capable of multiple layouts, many included with the theme as ready-to-use projects. One theme, many layout possibilities.


Aimed to bloggers and writers alike, Polygrid layout displays the standard RapidWeaver blog in a responsive grid that adapts itself to different screen sizes and features unique options like featured blog post and many more.


Marathon resembles the Weavers Kingdom website, with a slide-in panel on the right and reference links on the centre, great for web shop and creatives looking for a minimal design theme.


An out-of-the-box theme based on the fabulous Stacks plugin, Dromeas follows the one page design approach. Dromeas also comes with many Stacks components, so to help you in developing your own pages with easy.


This portfolio theme creates an enticing visual summary of your projects with a dynamic grid-style layout. Page animations, lightboxes, and page headers display your work in a bold and immersive way.