A stunning and eye-catch project using the blog capabilities of Pulse CMS and the new custom made UIkit + Pulse stack.

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Custom stack included

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UIkit + Pulse stack is included for absolutely free with the Moeller project, enabling the amazing UIkit dynamic grid layout and two modes for the posts in blog pages made with Pulse CMS.

This stack was developed in order to take full advantage of the UIkit dynamic grid layout, allowing for selectable columns count for medium and large device displays: up to 6 columns can be displayed in a row. Selectable display of Title, Date and Read more are also conveniently provided.
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  • Enable Grid: enable the UIkit dynamic grid for the Pulse blog pages
  • Columns: set from 2 to 6 columns related to display sizes. Small displays up to 480 pixels will display one column. Medium displays affects devices widths of 768 pixels and higher, large displays affects devices widths of 960 pixels and higher.
  • Gutter: adjust the space between blog posts
  • Animation: enable the dynamic grid animation.
  • Post Modes: Panel will apply the UIkit panel to posts, with the post image on top where applicable. Overlay will apply the UIkit overlay to blog posts, with settings for overlay background and text colors.
  • Pagination to Primary Buttons: Turn the pagination links into Uikit primary buttons, colours being conveniently adjusted using the UIkit customizer.
  • Older / Newer: Change the text used for the Older and Newer pagination buttons.


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